Technology Companies

Fairfield is home to Iowa's largest computer science program. With over 20 tech companies and 350 people employed in computer programing, software design and data management positions. Fairfield employers are always in the market for talented professionals.

Cambridge Investment Research

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (Cambridge) is an independent, privately owned broker-dealer with over $70 billion assets under management, nearly 700 home office associates, and over 2,800 independent registered representatives serving hundreds of thousands of clients across the United States. As an industry leader, we strive to create a workplace that reflects our four core values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness while fostering an atmosphere that allows our associates to thrive and enjoy our mutual success.

Hawthorne Direct

We helped pioneer the direct response industry nearly 30 years ago and have been at the forefront of performance and ROI driven advertising ever since. We're Data Scientists. Media Specialists. And Creative Strategists. We're experts at combining persuasive brand messaging with proprietary analytic systems to create and deliver highly accountable and hugely successful integrated advertising campaigns.


Skills in Demand:

Design and editing

Sales associates




LISCO is southeast Iowa's premier local telecommunications company based in Fairfield, IA. We have been providing unparalleled service since 1995. As the number of years in business have increased so has our expertise. LISCO has emerged as a highly reliable and local alternative for everything from phone service, to internet to webhosting and television service.


AERON specializes in the development and execution of full-fledged air care programs for leading retail chains and consumer brands. We are experienced at every stage of the process from conceptualization to delivery of finished products. We make launching a program easy – we do all the work for you.


AERON’s capabilities span the full gamut from custom private-label programs to retail-ready merchandise lines. We can take a concept and develop it through all stages of R&D, design, engineering, production, testing and delivery. Or we can deliver full finished programs including products, packaging and merchandising displays.


The company was started by a group of community minded Entrepreneurs with a desire to bring high-end Internet services to Fairfield. We were the first fiber optic based Internet provider in Fairfield and now also offer wireless broadband and telephony services. Natel has made it possible for small-town businesses and rural homes alike to enjoy cutting edge services with the unparalleled reliability of a tightly-knit community run company.


Today our service area covers Jefferson County and into Blackhawk, Henry, Keokuk, Van Buren, Washington and Wapello counties. We also manage community wide networks in surrounding cities such as Mt. Pleasant, Vedic City, and Centerville.

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