Fairfield Public Schools

Welcome to Fairfield Community School District


Students new to the district as well as kindergartners (Kindergarten Enrollment Information) not previously registered should enroll now at the A.C.T. which is located at 403 South 20th Street in Fairfield.  

An enrollment form must be completed by the student's parent or legal guardian in order to enroll your student at FCSD.

FCSD Enrollment Form

Please present the following items or information when enrolling your student(s).

  •   Proof of Birth such as birth certificate or other legal document with student's birthdate

  •   Proof of Residency

  •   Immunization Certificate or Immunization Exemption Certificate

  •   Certificate of Dental Screening or Certificate of Dental Screening Exemption (KG & 9th) 

  •   Payment for school fees or completion of an Iowa Eligibility Application and waiver

  •   Name, address, and phone number of previous school for request of records

  •   Special needs information, if applicable (Ex: IEP, 504, Gifted & Talented, Health Plan,etc.)

  •   Court approved guardian or parent approved power of attorney documentation if student not residing with parent(s)

  •   Court documents showing No contact order if applicable

Call 641.472.2655 for more information or to make appointment to enroll students.

Maharishi School

Welcome to the Maharishi School website. This is an introduction to a school like no other, where Consciousness-Based education, an innovative, progressive approach to education provides 21st century skills for our students and teachers alike.

At Maharishi School, students and teachers practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique to dissolve stress and optimize brain functioning. This is part of what we call "Consciousness-Based education."

I encourage you to read the welcome letter from our Executive Director, Dr. Ashley Deans, to learn more about this system of education. Dr. Deans is the foremost ambassador for Consciousness-Based Education internationally, having visited more than twenty countries in the last year alone.

Educators in every culture recognize that something fundamental has been missing from our schools, and are excited to discover how Consciousness-Based Education addresses the need to fully develop the inner potential of every student.

At Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa, we combine rigorous college preparatory study with a unique curriculum that connects each part of knowledge to the entire subject and, most importantly, to the student's own self. Education here is relevant and provides a foundation of self-understanding for the rest of your life.

In addition to these features, our school is a leader in Sustainable Living programs, with our own fully functional greenhouse and many other environmental resources on campus.

We hope you will follow your visit to this website with a visit in person to Maharishi School, to see for yourself the brightness, happiness, and creativity of our students.

Fairfield, too, is a town like no other, with a thriving fine arts community, international restaurants, and an entrepreneurial spirit commended by the Governor of Iowa as an example to small towns state- and nationwide.


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